The Best Apple Mac Tricks

Mac computers can be able to do millions of things and at times its users forget the cool stuff Mac can do. It should be noted that El Captain has been succeeded by macOS Sierra.

The tricks discussed below are found in the El Captain Operating System. The tricks include:

Cursor locator– This is one of the favorite features in this Operating System. It is done by either sharing the mouse or wiggling one`s finger o the trackpad. By doing this, it makes the cursor grow in size and therefore it can be easily spotted.

Mouse Cursor Locator

How to top the cursor from getting bigger – At times the user may require to move the cursor rapidly in order to locate some apps. This can be done by disabling the above cursor behavior by simply going to the System Preferences then Accessibility then Display and thereafter deselect. Thereafter the mouse pointer is shaken to disable.

Split View in full-screen mode – This can be done for two applications. The user clicks and drags the green window button and hence activates the split view in full screen. In addition to that, the user can be able to select the amount of space desired for each application. It should be noted that this does not work for the office apps due to incompatibility issues.

Hide the Menu Bar– The user can be able to either show or hide the menu by selecting another option in the System Preferences. This is beneficial to both the 111-inch and 12-inch MacBook.

Hide menu Bar in Mac

Viewing attachments in notes -A new attachments browser is available. In order to find all the attachments inform media and websites that have been added from an external device. The user should click on the icon which represents the four squares.

Photos: Streamlined: Faces features -The face feature can be able to learn how the user and the friends look like and thereafter search them in the photo collection. In the El Captain Operating System the Faces Feature is more prominent hence Faces would be a more central part of tagging images. In addition to that, the user can easily update location information on the photographs taken.

MacOS Sierra tips: Optimized storage– Optimized storage is trying to solve the issue in which the users fill up their hard drives with data and files. It saves the old files to the user`s iCloud. These files consist of the files that have not been used recently. This files can be accessed when online without taking up space on the user`s a hard drive.

MacOS Sierra tips: New features in messages -Conversations have become more lively with the modifications in the message app. There are various reactions available such as thumbs up and large emojis. Inside the message, there are preview links and videos playing and also there is also a possibility of animated GIFs.