Cyber Security

Malware vs Virus

In the current world that we are living in, the need to use computers and also phones has grown. In the online platform especially, there are very many businesses that are done online. This has resulted to the need of some to use the online platform to gain cash. This is through torturing other users by the invention of software’s that are harmful to these devices. The main term used all over the world is a virus and to the more learned is the term Virus. These two are more of the same but the Malware campuses virus and many more

Malware- A malware is any software that is deemed to be malicious and also harmful to your computer.

Virus- Though it is used all over the world, this is just one type of malware that is there in the computer world

With this in mind, there is very many other malware that is there in the world and we will just have a look at them below.

Types of Malware software in the world

cyberVirus- To put it in a Leigh man’s language, this is just like a parasite. It is a piece of code that is quite contagious. The main thing about it is that it infects the device that you are using be it a computer or a phone and once you run it, it spreads throughout the system to other parts of the system and as a result, it replicates and affects the machine. It may also be spread from one device to another just by sharing.

Ransomware– This is also another type of malware that is very rare as it is only used by people who are doing fraud businesses online. The malware is used by people to ensure that they defraud people from their computers as well as the use in most of the financial frauds that occur around the world.

Adware- Though it may not be quite harmful, this software will always affect the performances of the device that you are using. The said software is an advertising software that is used by people so that they can generate traffic for their sites and in return gain some capital.

Trojan- This is one of that malware software’s in the market that is meant to make the user think them important and not harmful but after their installation, they tend to steal critical information like personal information or the financial information.

Worms- There is the malicious software’s that in the end result to the crashing of your device. It attacks the files and the documents in your system finally making it fail and thus destroying everything.

Spyware– This acts as a spy in your system. It will enable the person on the other end track all your online businesses and as a result, gaining the information that you need to hack someone. All this is done without the knowledge and the consent of the innocent victim.

With all this in mind, there is a need to prevent and protect yourself. This may be done using the perfect anti-malware. This may either be free or paid for. The free ones though many may think aren’t effective, they are just as effective.