The other name of a Pen Drive is a USB flash drive. This is a portable device that gets easily transferred to various locations due to its compact design. It is built to look just like a pen, hence its name.

The devices are more advanced alternatives to the traditional floppy disks and CD’S as it has a huge data storage capacity and works many times faster in data transfer than the former devices. The drive is connected to the USB port available on the computer motherboard. They do not require additional power supply apart from the direct power from the USB port.

The Pen Drive is well designed with various inbuilt features such as built-in audio, video and camera applications. They perform highly in data transfer functions from one device to another without any data loss. They are easily connected to the USB 1.0 and 2.0 of laptops, desktops, and palmtops and in smaller mobile devices.

Pen drives have become the ‘king’ as far as data transfer is concerned. It’s innovative and brilliant features are miles ahead of those found in the earlier conventional devices. The storage capacity ranges from 64Mb to 128 GB. They are better secondary devices than those found before and are not easily damaged by scratches.

l Risks of data loss

There are always risks of losing your data said one data recovery company in Indianapolis, may it be stored in the computer’s hard drives, in floppy and CD disks or in other storage devices. The same is true as with the Pen Drive. Your files can get corrupted/unreadable, logically damaged or formatted. You, therefore, need to find the best solution to recover your data from the Pen Drive.

l PEN Drive data recovery solution

The Pen Drive data recovery software comes in handy. You can make your choice from a number of optional software available in the software market. While searching looks into the main issues associated with any software to make it suitable. Efficiency, reliability, and performance are some of the factors to consider making your choice. The perfect software will be able to restore and retrieve any deleted and missing music files, videos, images, text and other forms of data files.

l Recovering deleted files

Step 1- Start the process by connecting the Pen Drive to your computer’s USB port. Launch your preferred Pen Drive recovery software and make a selection of all the files you want to be recovered. Use the scan button to make the software start the recovery process.

Step 2- The software will initiate a quick scan and show the files. Then a deeper scan will proceed to look for more files.

Step 3- Make your choice of the files to be restored from the scan results and click the recover button. Save the recovered files to another platform such another disk or a folder.